Apptoto Mobile App Basics

With Apptoto's new Mobile Communicator App, you can easily manage your Apptoto communications anywhere, anytime. This page will cover the basic features of the app, as well as provide a central location for any feedback or questions.


To keep features simple and focused, the app is split into two sections: the Inbox/Outbox and Agenda


The Inbox/Outbox tab will show you communication to and from your account, allowing you to easily engage clients in a conversation. This section is broken-down into the same categories as found in the web version of Apptoto - both the Inbox and Outbox sections will show "For Appointments" and "Other" to clearly distinguish conversations, as well as an Archived section.


The search bar at the top of any Inbox/Outbox section will allow you to quickly locate specific conversations to then directly engage that client in conversation:




The Agenda section will show you your upcoming appointments by day for all calendars on your account. You can easily tap on an event to see further details including date/time, notes/details, and participants.


Within the event details, you can click directly on the envelope/speech bubble icons for any given participant to be taken directly to that conversation in the Inbox


If you'd like to change which calendars are being displayed, simply tap the options button in the top-left to de-select calendars of your choice. This will also be where you can force the app to refresh your data.




At any time, you can click the options icon at the top-left of the app page to see the available settings for that section of the app. When in the Agenda section, you'll see the ability to change the displayed calendars or refresh the data:


And in the Inbox/Outbox section, you'll be able to select which mailbox you'd like to view specifically:


Within the options screen for either section of the app, clicking Settings will give you the ability to change what notifications you'll receive on the app for all of the connected calendars:




If you have any questions, feedback, or feature requests for the mobile app, please use the space below to let us know!

Our support team is also available if you're having any trouble, so just reach out to or 888-318-3765 for assistance!


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For iPhone users:

If you visit this link on your iPhone, it will download TestFlight from the AppStore. Once the TestFlight app is downloaded, open TestFlight, and that will open an invitation to download the Apptoto communicator app.


For Android users:

To download the app, you have to have APK installs enabled on your phone. This link can help with that: How to Enable APK Installs on Your Android Device | ExpressVPN

Then, click this link to install the app:


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Hello. I'm so glad Apptoto is putting out an app! I've been testing it out, and it has a great interface! Right off the bat, I would humbly offer the following suggestions. 

1. The ability to swipe left/right to apply actions - such as mark as read/unread, delete, archive - on messages.

2. The ability to add/name contacts - and it would especially helpful if we're able to categorize the contacts; i.e., leads, clients, etc.

3. A desktop app with similar interface or have the browser-based interface (or at least the main page) match up with the app interface.

Thank you!

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Its nice that there is an app now but there is alot of changes that need to take place:

  • The + on the chat seems to be disabled
  • When typing in the field, you cant see what you are typing.
  • When I receive a message from someone I get 3 to 6 different notifications
  • Unable to add names to phone numbers
  • Unable to send Message Templates
  • Words on the agenda are too large
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