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Getting Started with Apptoto for Mathnasium

This article is intended for Mathnasium location and franchise owners.  It covers how to get started using your Apptoto Lite account.

It assumes you don't already have a working Apptoto account and you are starting from scratch (or that all you have done is create your Apptoto account) and you need further instructions.

Why should you do this?

Apptoto will be powering online scheduling for new leads on the upcoming website and microsites. In addition, to make sure those leads show up, Apptoto can send reminders via SMS/text and email. Apptoto clients have seen their no-shows rate reduced by as much as 90%.  You can also use Apptoto to send reminders to other types of appointments as well.

What's Included:

This service is provided to you FREE courtesy of your Mathnasium Corporate Marketing team.  Not all of the Apptoto features are included with your Apptoto Lite account.  

Here is what is included for each of your Mathnasium locations:

  • 2 Online Booking Pages for Lead Scheduling (NOT enrolled student session scheduling)
  • 2 Connected Calendars
  • 100 Appointment Messaging Credits
  • 1 Reserved Caller id
  • Integration with Mathnasium Radius

Note: Apptoto is currently *NOT* meant to be used for enrolled student session scheduling.  It is mainly meant to be used for Lead Scheduling and appointment reminders.

Getting Started Summary

The high level steps to get started include (more details below)

  1. Sign up for your Apptoto Lite account
  2. Ensure the correct calendars are connected 
  3. Update your calendar settings
  4. Review/Create your "Booking Pages" in Apptoto
  5. Link your Mathnasium Microsite to your Booking Pages
  6. Enable Appointment Reminders
  7. Future Steps (optional)

Step 1) Sign up for your Apptoto Lite Account

To get started, please visit this page:

And click the blue "Sign up with Google".  


Be sure to sign into Google using your location's account. 

Important: If you own multiple locations... just sign up once... and use whichever account you use as your "main" one.

After you sign in using Google... Apptoto will ask you a series of questions about your business.  Please fill these out, and make sure to include the correct location information for your primary Mathnasium location here:



Step 2) Ensure the correct calendars are connected

Once you are logged into your Apptoto account, click on the "Settings" > "Calendars" tab.

Apptoto initially connects to the "Default" calendar in your Google Calendar account.  If that is not the calendar where you want appointments with new "Leads" to appear, then click the "Red Trash" icon and add the correct calendar via the prompts.



If you only own/run one Mathnasium location, please move on to Step 3 below.

If you are a multi-location owner then click the "Add" button and then "Google" to add additional calendars.   


If you get a message saying that you must upgrade, please don't upgrade.  Just send an email to and let us know how many Mathnasium locations you run/own.



If you don't get that message, then you'll be asked what type of calendar to add.  Click "Google" (assuming that's the type of calendar you use to track Leads). 


You will then want to click "Connect a new account" to connect to a different Google account.


Then choose which calendar from that account you would like to connect to Apptoto for Lead Scheduling purposes.

Step 3) Update your calendar settings

Once the correct calendar(s) are connected to Apptoto, please click on the "Gear" icon on the "Settings" > "Calendars" tab for each calendar and fill out some important information.


Here is a screenshot showing what settings should be updated / double checked for each calendar:




Step 4) Review/Create your Booking Pages

Once your Calendars are connected and you've updated the Calendar settings as described above, the next step is review (and possibly create) your "Booking Pages".  

Apptoto will have created your first Booking Page for you.  You can find it on the "Booking Pages" tab.

The Booking Page that is created for you automatically uses the official "Mathnasium Lead Scheduling Template" that your Mathnasium Corporate Marketing has created.  

The intention is for you to have one Lead Scheduling Booking Page for each Mathnasium location that you run/own.  So if you run/own one location then all you have to do is Copy the URL for your booking page and you can skip to step 5.

If you have multiple locations, then the next step is to first edit the settings of your initial booking page and specify which calendar it should be tied to.  Both potential views are shown below with the access to the booking page's settings highlighted.

Enter your Mathnasium Microsite URL to ensure leads are posted with each booking.

NOTE: the Mathnasium Microsite URL field MUST be filled out for your leads to show up in Radius automatically.

Ensure the correct calendar is used for booking. It will default to All Calendars though if you need to change that, the dropdown will allow you to select the calendar you would like to use:


Make sure to click "Save" and then click "Cancel" to go back to the Booking Page list.

Additional Booking Page Addition (multiple locations)

Then, for each additional calendar/location, click "Add Availability Page".


And choose the "Mathnasium Lead Scheduling Template"


Then choose the correct calendar for the additional location, change the "Url" to be distinct and follow the pattern "mathnasium_<LOCATIONNAME>", and then be sure to click "Create".

Create a "Booking Page" for each of your locations using those steps.

Step 5) Link your Mathnasium Microsite to your Booking Pages

At this point, you are ready to link your Lead Scheduling page to your microsite.

To do so, log into your center’s microsite by going to and sign in with your center’s email address.

Once signed in click the “Edit Center” button.

On the “Center Information” tab, scroll down to the “Call to Action Button” section and use the dropdown there to select between the button messages: Schedule Assessment and Schedule Free Assessment.


After selecting one of those options, you can paste in your Apptoto booking page link in the “Scheduler Link” field that will appear underneath the dropdown menu.



 After pasting in the link, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the “Publish” button to save your update. Your Call to Action button on the website will now show the new message, and clicking it will take leads to your Apptoto booking page.


Step 6) Enable Appointment Reminders

By Default, Apptoto will not send automatic reminder messages to any of your appointments on the calendars connected to Apptoto.  This includes appointments booked through your Lead booking page.

If you want Apptoto to send automatic Text, email, and/or voice call reminders to your appointments, then click on the "Appointment Auto Messages" section within the "Messaging" tab.  

Here you can edit/remove messages and add auto messages to be sent before and after your appointments.

Apptoto will send these messages to ALL appointment son your calendar that Apptoto is able to find phone numbers or email addresses in.  For information on how Apptoto finds phone numbers and email addresses, take a look at this article: .  

If you want to restrict with appointments receive reminders, then click a "New Rule", and configure the rule.  For example, if you only want to send messages to appointments that were booked online, then set up the rule to be "event.booked_online == true".  Here is a screenshot:


You can then drag or re-add messages in the new rule.

You can set up multiple rules and customize the messages for each rule.  

Be sure to click "Save" before leaving the Auto Messages page.

Once you have the messages configured the way you want, then you can turn on your "Auto Messages" at the top of your Apptoto portal.


If messages aren't going out properly, or you need help configuring Auto Messages, please contact  


Future steps

Apptoto has a number of other features that you may find yourself taking advantage of.  Some locations are using us for

  • Business Texting
  • Increasing enrollment through our "Campaigns" feature
  • Sending reminders/followups to all appointments (not just leads)

If you're interested in learning more about these features, please contact .  Or book time with us here

One thing to note is that Apptoto is not currently able to offer a robust "enrolled student session scheduling" solution.  That is something we are working on, but there are some missing features that need to be built before we can promote it to Mathnasium users.  If you're interested in this as a feature, please email and let us know.  







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